VCS Graduation Rate

Vance County Schools Surpass State Graduation Rate

Vance County Schools Surpass State Graduation Rate

Vance County Schools has surpassed the state graduation rate once again, while also posting the highest graduation rate in the history of the district.

We are pleased to report that our 2019-2020 graduation rate is 90.3%, compared to the state graduation rate of 87.6%. This represents an increase of 3.6% over the 2018-2019 4-year graduation rate of 86.7%. Seven years ago, Vance County Schools’ posted a graduation rate of 64.9% — the lowest in the state. We have improved our graduation rate by over 25% during that time, now surpassing the state graduation rate.

For the 2019-2020 year, Vance County Schools met or exceeded the state average in 8 of the 9 measurable sub groups. Those exceeding the state average included male, female, black, hispanic, economically disadvantaged, English learner, and student with disabilities. The state and our district both measured greater than 95% for Academically and Intellectually Gifted students.

Our Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Jackson, is beginning his sixth year leading Vance County Schools. With each passing year, our graduation rate is improving. “This is a tremendous accomplishment for our district. As our graduation rate continues to climb, it gives certainty that the strategies and programs we have in place are preparing our students for their future. It also reiterates that when we work together, progress is possible.”

Our district continues to make progress, bringing innovative programs, partnering with our students and families, and personalizing education options for our students. We have robust fine arts programs at every school in our district. Additionally, we offer an alternative pathway for grades 6-12, a K-5 year-round STEAM Academy, our 6-8 STEM Early High School, an Early College High School, and new this year, an entirely virtual K-12 school. With 16 schools in our district, we are working hard to ensure our students have a learning environment that fits what they are seeking.

We continue to extend our program offerings to our students, providing a variety of opportunities for them within our schools. We offer Career and Technical Education programs, providing 13 career pathways for our students. Our Early College has been named one of the Best High Schools in America and our district continues to thrive with digital convergence through Modern Teacher, having been recently recognized nationally for the progress in the strategic planning process. The programs and digital resources available for our students, the personalized education through available school options, the relationships being built between our staff and families, and the efforts of our community partnering with us, continue to be at the forefront of our students’ success.


We are extremely proud of our district and all that has been accomplished. We still have room to grow and Dr. Jackson emphasizes that “we will not be satisfied until all of our students graduate on time; the stakes are too high to accept otherwise.”